• King Island Acupuncture & Nordic Walking is closed for the winter while we are off the island visiting family up north.

King Island Acupuncture is located at the top of the stairs, Parer’s King Island Hotel, in the Currie Main Street.

Pain management, rehabilitation, fitness, beauty and many other aspects of health. Please call Kal to discuss your particular health situation.

– new client
60 min$100
Acupuncture 60 min$100
Acupuncture 45 min$85
Acupuncture 30 min$60
Facial rejuvenation
– new client
75 min$130
Facial rejuvenation +75 min$130
Facial rejuvenation60 min$115

Facial rejuvenation treatments: Award-winning Celluma high-intensity LED therapy, hyaluronic acid serum, choice of hyaluronic acid moisturising mask or pink clay mask, organic calendula oil serum.

Personalised acupuncture treatment, generally using points on the hands and feet, is performed during the facial treatment. For those not so keen on needles, acupressure can be used instead.

Facial rejuvenation + also includes facial acupuncture for areas of concern such as deep wrinkles and acne.